What is so good about bid tab software that is available online?  Why would I need something to help me bid projects?

These are all great questions which we hope this little inforgraphic will help answer and clarify about Snappy’s software features.  We know Snappy is awesome at one thing, bid tabulation software.  Our quest to make bidding projects easier, more collaborative, informative and above all user friendly is making us develop an awesome software.

The most frustrating part when our team was bidding projects, was the inability for all us to work in a piece of software at the same time and see each other’s updates.  Yeah, there are xcel features that make this happen but they constantly lock everyone out and the bottom line; they did not give us the peace of mind that they would not lock up in the last minute of when the bid was due.  We know the problems the industry faces and we want to help and make life easier.

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About Snappy Bid Tabs

Snappy Bid Tabs was built by contractors for contractors and is great at one thing, scoping bids from the subcontractor market.  They have a mission to keep an open mind from their customers input, adoption of that input and above all customer satisfaction. Snappy Bid Tabs helps to mitigate financial risks and make winning work easier.