As a commercial construction professional with a decade plus experience, I have been employed with a small handful of companies.  Every company had their own way of scoping out bids that we received from the subcontractor market.  None of the xcel spreadsheets were good enough.  They all had their own flaws and we always had to reinvent the wheel every time we bid a project.

The problem was simple,  we needed a way for multiple users in a workbook at one time scoping out an entire project where all the teammates could see the updates in real time.  Xcel seemed to get overloaded with the amount of saving and data that was being entered and just does not work the way we needed it.  I look and looked for a permanent solution but could not find anything out there that did what we needed it to do.  There are bundled bid software solutions on the market that try to do this but it just gets too cumbersome.

My goal was also simple, have the ease of spreadsheet style qualities allowing users to collaborate in real time.  Join our community as we grow and become a leading software provider to bid tabulation software.