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A Closer Look

Welcome To Snappy Bid Tabs

The construction industries 1st stand-alone bid tabulation cloud software built by contractors for contractors

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Minimize Risk

Summary page anayltics helps make quick informed decisions on all the data that the team has plugged in for each CSI Division.

Cloud Based

No computer software downloads.  Allows users to be anywhere to help with the bid.

Spreadsheet Style Qualities

We built something great that you are used to in your normal business work flow.  This will allow the ease of transition with minimal training.

Multiple Users

What better way to collaborate with your team than in real time?  Our sofware lets you see what other team members are plugging in real time.

Summary Page Analytics

Imagine a summary sheet that displays the lowest, most qualified top 3 bidders with comparision analytics to see where the bids are coming in at.

Multiple Device Compatability

Are you out of the office while a bid is going on?  Login from any device and watch the team work in real time.

Bidding a Project Has Never Been So Simplified and Intuitive

What is Snappy Tabs All About?

See the Idea Behind the Software in 1 Minute  

Our Industry and What It Means for Business


*Nonresidential Construction Spending Growth

*Year High in Construction Spending

*Trillion in Construction Spending in November of 2016

Equals More Work and More Ways to Have Large Scope Gaps. Help Mitigate Those Risks with Snappy Bid Tabs!

Simonson, K. (2017, January 3). CONSTRUCTION SPENDING INCREASES IN NOVEMBER AS PRIVATE AND PUBLIC SEGMENTS RISE FOR THE MONTH AND YEAR-OVER-YEAR; OUTLOOK FOR 2017 APPEARS FAVORABLE OVERALL. Retrieved from https://www.agc.org/learn/construction-data/construction-data-spending

Core Features

Easy to Use

We have designed the look and feel to what you are used to.

Device Compatability

Responsive design to work on any device.

Information Flow

As team members update scopes/trades, real-time updates are shared among all users that are in the program

Multiple People Plugging Bid Tabs

Gone are the days of only 1 person in a spreadhseet at a time, locking errors and loss data!  You have have as many users as your plan can accommodate working on one goal, to get your bid in on time with minimal risk.

Minimal Investment

Why not give us a try to adapt your work flow with Snappy Bid Tabs?

Why Snappy Bid Tabs?

The way construction contractor’s scope out projects has changed which leads to big items being left out of the bid and why Snappy Bid Tabs was started.

We have developed the industry’s first stand-alone bid tabulation cloud based software where an estimating and/or operations team can work at the same time.  This allows them to quickly scope out an entire project of subcontractor bids while other team members see those updates in real time, with the end goal of getting a complete bid in on time.  Bid Tabulation software is needed in an ever changing construction climate while fees are less and the bidding landscape is riskier.

Snappy Bid Tabs has a clean summary sheet which carefully ranks bids based on the lowest most qualified subcontractor; giving you the ability to make decisions with analytics to quickly make informed decisions and limit risk.

Utilizing a friendly interface with spreadsheet style qualities, we help your team maximize their efficiency with accurate bids.

Our Goals

  • Customer Satisfaction 100%
  • Customer Input 100%
  • Adoption of Customer Input 100%

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